Support and strengthening related to HIV issues

1. Reaching out, Accompanying and Supporting PLHIV (People living with   HIV) who are able to accept and reconcile with their status and love themselves with healthy living and therapy

2. Number of people living with HIV back to live in society and powerless

3. The formation of Community Support Groups of PLWHA (Peer Support) regularly meets to strengthen each other and explore the truth

4. Strengthening visit to the home of PLHIV and PLWHA.




Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation for Drug Abuse


1. Receiving and implementing recovery for an addicts and drug abusers

2. Providing counseling services and provision of drug related information

3. Having MOU (Memory Of Understanding) either with BNN, BNNP Bali and BNNK Denpasar related to Drug / Drug prevention and prevention program.

4. Have a good network with government institutions as well as with NGOs as well as with the general public related drug prevention and prevention programs related to Drugs / Drugs.

5. Be the Coordinator and Secretariat for IKAI (Association of Indonesian Adiction Counselors) Bali Province.

6. Establishment of former Community Addicts and other drug addicts / Narcotics (Narcotics, Psychotropics and other Addictive Substances) that have been restored.

7. Former addicts who have recovered and returned to power in the community and work in government institutions and non-governmental organizations related to drug abuse prevention.

8. The existence of Community Support Group schedule of former drug addicts and Drug Users who regularly meet to strengthen each other and explore the truth.

9. Establishment of Community Support for families of former addicts and drug abusers.




Women and Children servoces division, divided into three (3) sub divisions namely; PERMATA (issues related to women, Health Care, Home Visit, Meeting), SINGLE MOM (issues related to single women affected by HIV & AIDS and domestic violence), Safe House (issues related to children in conflict with the law (ABH) both victims, witnesses and perpetrators)



Programs aimed at assisting and contributing to the issues and issues related to women and girls who are victims of trafficking in sex and violence.



Programs aimed at assisting and contributing to issues and issues related to single mothers affected by HIV & AIDS or who are victims of domestic violence.



One place that has maintenance and recovery program activities aimed at children with legal problems.

Program activities include the need for recovery both Physical, mental, emotional, educational, skills, Spiritual as well as character formation.




Peace Generation; the young generation-movement based on the 12 values of peace aimed at forming the next generation with the character of truth, peace, harmony, unity & tolerance. Peace Generation has been transformed (recently) into Peacemakers of Indonesia Society (PIS). We believe this is a great vision from God that has been entrusted to the team (PIS), to disciple our nation even to the gentiles. In the midst of our nation fighting against social issues such as intolerance and radicalism, drug addiction, homosexuality, free sex/sexual exploitation, youth’s crime, etc. We realize that it takes natural, polite approaches and applicable methods to do so and ‘PEACE’ represent them all, bridging all walks of life; beliefs, ethics, social class, community/institutions, families and even individual (as we claim our slogan to be ‘Peace Starts with Me’). Therefore, through the 12 value of peace applied contextually, we believe that together we can make revolution for our nation through ‘Peace lifestyle’ as the character of Christ Himself (Prince of Peace).

The 12 values of peace:


1. Accepting myself Every person is a creation of God and is of great value, each of us having our own personal strengths and weaknesses.

2. Prejudice Don't base your feelings of someone on their appearance and or group (nationality, race, religion, etc.). Value people based on who they actually are (ie. Get to know them!).


3. Ethnic Diversity Stay away from the tendency to have negative assumptions or prejudices towards other ethnic groups, and try to understand and enjoy the differences!

4. Different Religions Differences in religion should be dealt with peacefully and with mutual respect, sharing ideas in a real, honest way.

5. Gender Differences Respect and value people of the other gender in order to build relationships that are healthy and appropriate.

6. Economic Status Richness or poorness does not determine the value of a person. We must treat everyone with equal respect and be careful not to fall into the temptation to do otherwise.

7. Groups & Gang Gangs or exclusive groups hurt our friendships and can lead to many adverse consequences.


8. Beauty of Diversity God is the All-Creative One who has shown His creativity in this world.

9. Conflict Conflict is guaranteed to happen. Our response is what determines the outcome, resulting in either a broken relationship, or us growing in maturity.

10. Rejecting Violence Violence cannot solve conflicts, in fact, it just results in more pain and violence.

11. Admitting Mistakes Admitting you were wrong is the beginning of the end of a problem.

12. Forgiving Others Forgiveness is a decision and it opens the way of peace.

Social Enterprise


Empowerment of each assisted servant through skills training and entrepreneurship to be self-sufficient and have a viable economy

Each recipient has the skills to be able to work or business entrepreneurship (woman and children).

The end result

1. Persons who experience the transformation of life both physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and back to life powerless in society in general.

2. Multiplying soul and new leader

3. Community of truth discoverers