A Letter from our founder


I am incredibly thankful for all of you, both colleagues and stake-holders, who have
tirelessly been contributing both time and energy to this ministry, so that from year to
year we have seen Gerasa Bali become a positive impact among our community, even
becoming an inspiration for social ministry movements within many other
organizations and communities in Indonesia.
In 2017 we had a breakthrough, and took the courageous step of launching our Social
Enterprise division. The background of this is simple, and in line with our already
existent values: we believe there are no people born without gifts, talents or skills. The
issue is that not all people are able to remember, or explore their abilities. Our part is to
help them discover who they are.
For this I give thanks to God because, since 2017, we have already had several skill
trainings for the building up of our community, including: sewing, beauty class, hair
stylist, cooking, barista, herbal tea and salt soap. We hope these first steps truly have an
impact and are meaningful for the people that we currently serve, in line with our goals
of building a pattern of holistic ministry.
All of this is not a departure from the goals that we, as the team of Gerasa Bali along
with our partners and stake-holders, have been holding to all this time. We know that
God will multiply the things that we have given, and have prayed for.